Biology of Facial Growth Continuing Education Course
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Biology of Facial Growth Continuing Education Course

The principles of facial growth and development play a foundational role in the effective orthopedic and orthodontic treatment solutions Dr. Yasaman Roland offers for adults and children. These innovative concepts give rise to a natural approach for remodeling facial anatomy and musculature to achieve optimal aesthetics and physiology. Dr. Roland provides a wide range of innovative non-surgical, non-invasive techniques which deliver customized treatment designed to correct a broad spectrum of issues, including TMD, sleep apnea, malocclusion, and complex orthodontic problems.

In keeping with her commitment to stay abreast of the latest developments in this field, Dr. Roland has committed to completing advanced continuing education on the Biology of Facial Growth through the acclaimed Facial Beauty Institute. Through this coursework, Dr. Roland hopes to expand her knowledge base in diagnostic methods, implementing treatment protocols, and the latest growth guidance appliances for achieving treatment goals.

At the Center for Innovative Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics, Dr. Roland emphasizes the life-changing benefits this type of treatment can provide, especially when evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment are completed at a young age. Compared with adults, problematic facial growth patterns in children can be remodeled with relative ease, resulting in a lifetime of better sleep, breathing, posture, facial balance, and overall facial aesthetics as they age. She encourages parents to bring their children in for evaluation, as early intervention is the key to optimal dental and physical health.




















*This patient is half way through her treatment but you can already notice the postural difference in her profile.

For more information about facial growth and development, and the treatment methods Dr. Roland uses, we encourage you to contact our offices. A friendly member of our team can answer your questions and schedule a consultation, if desired.

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