What is Physiologic Orthodontics
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What is Physiologic Orthodontics?

Traditionally, orthodontists examine the relationship of the jaw to the cranial base of the skull in order to determine the best course of treatment. However, at the Center for Innovative Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics, Dr. Yasaman Roland strives to take a more neuromuscular and holistic approach to orthodontics. Physiologic orthodontics takes into account not only the position of the jaw but also the relationship of the head with the rest of the body. A holistic approach to orthodontics also considers the muscles of the head and jaw as well as the function of the oral and nasal airways.

Traditional, or conventional, orthodontics often places the highest emphasis on the position of the teeth and trying to guide the teeth into their ideal condition; however, this approach may not take into account the other aspects of physiology that can affect the function of the mouth, including:

  •      Posture
  •      Temporomandibular joints
  •      Muscles of the head and neck
  •      Breathing problems such as sleep apnea

According to an article by David Buck, DDS in LVI Visions Magazine, when these holistic considerations are not taken into account, the dentist could cause “unwanted intrusive movements that lead to compressed TM joints, posterior hypo-occlusion, and an overall increased pathologic state of the Neuromuscular system.” As a result, successful orthodontic treatment may necessitate the inclusion of these holistic considerations.


The aim of physiologic orthodontics goes beyond simply achieving straight teeth; we want to make sure you have a comfortable bite that feels natural and leads to total body health and comfort. In order to treat malocclusion (an ill-fitting bite), taking steps such as examining posture, development, genetics, nutrition, muscles and joints, air passages, sleep habits, and tooth alignment can all be essential for achieving and maintaining a beautiful smile and reducing the potential for other concerns down the road.

If you would like more information on physiologic orthodontics, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Roland, we encourage you to contact the Center for Innovative Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics today.

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