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What I Took Away from the Recent IACA Conference

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In my previous blog post – What I Hope to Take Away From the Upcoming IACA Conference – I discussed what I was looking forward to learning at the IACA Conference. Now that I have returned, I want to highlight some interesting takeaways that I can ultimately use to enhance the level of general and holistic dental care I am able to provide.

Sleep Apnea

To start, I learned a lot more about sleep apnea and how common it is, even among children. In fact, it has been discovered that about 50% of children who snore will most likely develop sleep apnea at some point in life, making it so important for kids to be evaluated properly should they start snoring at a young age.

I also learned about several new scientific discoveries regarding potential causes of the sleep apnea disorder, and perhaps more importantly, how to treat it more effectively. Oral appliances which are designed based off a patient’s bite are widely regarded as an excellent treatment template for sleep apnea; however, research suggests that this method for fabricating a night guard is not necessarily a “one size fits all” strategy. For instance, an oral appliance designed simply from your bite, without first determining the root cause of your sleep apnea, can actually lead to some negative side effects over time, including neck and back pain.

Fortunately, the information I learned at the IACA Conference reemphasized my current approach to treating sleep apnea. Because I utilize a neuromuscular methodology to find the physiological correct spot for treatment, I can customize an oral appliance to treat the actual cause of the disorder, rather than simply the symptoms.

Link Between Nutrition and Oral Health

Having always been interested in nutrition, I took the opportunity to learn about new studies highlighting the impact nutrition has on your oral health, and vice versa. There are a lot of people who have certain food sensitivities that they are oblivious to, making them unable to digest particular foods properly. Oftentimes, these people are completely unaware of these food sensitivities because there may be no signs or symptoms at all. When this occurs, those undigested foods can sit in the stomach and actually trigger molds or bacteria to grow and then circulate throughout the body, often affecting gum health or other issues in the mouth.

Furthermore, undigested food can trigger autoimmune disease, ultimately inhibiting the immune system from fighting off harmful bacteria in the mouth. So instead of gum disease stemming from poor brushing habits, the body’s inability to digest food and eliminate bacteria in the mouth may be contributing to gum conditions or other oral issues.

As a holistic dentist, I’m concerned with the big picture. I look forward to taking all this into consideration when I see patients, and personally delving deeper into the effects nutrition has on oral health and periodontal care.

Ozone in Dentistry

Another course I found particularly interesting and informative was the course on using Ozone (O3) in dentistry. As I mentioned in my previous blog, research has proven that Ozone can be an effective method for preventing and sterilizing bacteria found in the mouth and throughout water-based dental instruments. By using Ozone in conjunction with dental treatments, a much cleaner environment and better outcome for long term results can often be achieved. At the conference, I learned a great deal about implementing this technique into my practice, and I really look forward to using it soon.

Non-Narcotic Sedation Dentistry

Non-narcotic sedation is a great neuroscience technology that I’ve invested in for my practice following the conference. The process simply consists of taking three kinds of natural vitamins prior to treatment, and then listening to classical music with your eyes closed throughout your procedure. Unlike other sedation techniques, non-narcotic sedation enables you to wake up feeling very relaxed with no side effects. Additionally, there’s no groggy feeling following treatment, and you are typically able to sleep better for several nights afterwards.

Final Note

In conclusion, I think this was a fantastic conference because of all the modern and progressive dental techniques being discussed. In my opinion, there is really no other dental conference like it, and I am already looking forward to next year.

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