Annapolis Holistic Dentist to Attend Upcoming IACA Conference
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What I Hope to Take Away From the Upcoming IACA Conference

iacaLater this week, I will be heading to Calgary to attend the 2013 International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics (IACA) Conference. IACA is a progressive and modernized dental association that focuses on a more comprehensive and balanced approach to dentistry. As my practice philosophy is centered around achieving whole body wellness for my patients through use of the most natural and least-invasive dentistry techniques available, I look forward to the opportunity this IACA meeting presents for me to learn and incorporate new sciences that will enhance the level of general and holistic dentistry care I provide.

At this year’s conference, I am particularly interested in participating in the following courses:

  • Ozone: Nature’s Sterilant and Its Role in the Modern Dental Practice – Ozone (O3) is an all-natural oxidant that has proven to be an effective technique for the prevention and sterilization of bacteria in the mouth and throughout water-based dental instruments. Led by Dr. Anne-Maree Cole, this course is designed to teach dentists how to incorporate the use of Ozone into their practices to improve oral health and care.
  • Understanding the Use of Moderate Sedation to Optimize Patient Comfort and Treatment Outcome – Led by Drs. Edward Davidian and Dan Davidian, this course is designed to helpdentists effectively utilize different sedation dentistry techniques to optimize treatment. As I strive to take a more whole-body approach to dentistry, I look forward to learning about natural alternatives to traditional sedation so my patients can feel more relaxed and refreshed both during and after treatment.

In addition to the courses above, I am also interested in topics regarding the role nutrition plays in whole mouth and whole body wellness. I’m hoping to walk away with a better understanding of the relationshipbetween my patients’ diets and their oral health, as well as strategies to helpthem implement unique nutrition plans that can promote comprehensive wellness extending beyond oral health.

Following the IACA Conference, be sure to check out my next blog post where I will highlight what I learned and how I plan to implement it into my practice.

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