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Orthodontic Rejuvenation

Here at The Center for Innovative Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics, Dr. Yasaman Roland—our experienced dentist in Annapolis—uses advanced orthopedic and orthodontic techniques to guide growth and development in children and young adults. These treatment methods foster a balanced growth pattern and encourage proper facial muscle and airway development. As these delicate relationships take shape and are maintained, lifelong improvements in health and appearance can occur. In addition, the length of time your child will need braces can be shortened. Dr. Roland also provides effective orthodontic treatment options for adults with misaligned teeth and occlusion (bite) concerns.

Learn more about orthodontic options available at our practice by reading the informational sections provided below.

Orthopedic and Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Our unique approach and goal is to monitor and guide the growth and development of young children to achieve the following:

  • Balanced, symmetrical facial proportions, which create optimal aesthetics
  • A full, beautiful smile
  • A functional, properly aligned bite
  • Proper oral health and function for a lifetime

Facial Growth and Development in Children

Evaluating your child’s facial growth and development early is critical to the detection of complications and the success of orthodontic treatment. By eight years old, a little more than half of a child’s facial development is complete, and by twelve years old facial development is near the final phase of completion. The facial growth process involves the individual growth of each bone of the face, and there are many conditions that can negatively affect this process, which can lead to an imbalanced facial appearance, improper oral function, and health challenges. Facial growth and development problems can cause muscle dysfunction, impact nutrition, and compromise breathing.

Impact of Compromised Nasal Breathing during Childhood

Challenged breathing can have serious health consequences for children. To compensate for a compromised nasal airway, the child may press the tongue down into the lower jaw to facilitate easier breathing through the mouth. This constant pressure while the jaw is still forming can change the way it grows, creating an elongated face and jaw. Additionally, the lack of stimulating airflow through the nasal passage also causes growth of the the upper jaw and midface to slow. If not detected and treated early on, growth changes that result from challenged breathing will directly affect facial balance and the child’s appearance on into adulthood.

Advanced treatment options that we offer at The Center for Innovative Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics can help your child achieve healthier orthodontic development and attain a good functional and aesthetic balance.

Cosmetic Orthodontic Solutions for Adults with Express Smiles™

Are you dealing with a relapse in your front teeth after having braces? Do you have overcrowding? In addition to providing orthodontic rejuvenation for children and adolescents, Dr. Roland offers cosmetic orthodontic solutions for adults. Express Smiles™ is an innovative, noninvasive procedure available at our practice that can straighten misaligned and/or crowded teeth for beautiful results in less time than traditional braces. Utilizing this advanced technique, Dr. Roland will secure brackets and wires to the backside of your teeth or place small, virtually invisible tooth-colored braces on the front of your teeth to help disguise the fact any orthodontic treatment is being performed.

Designed specifically to straighten teeth without addressing bite issues, the Express Smiles™ proprietary technology enables most patients to attain optimal results in only two to four months, though this may vary based on your unique needs. Additionally, this cosmetic orthodontic treatment can be a cost effective option as it generally requires fewer office visits than traditional braces. Ultimately, Express Smiles™ at The Center for Innovative Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics can be a quick, comfortable, and discreet way to achieve straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

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Orthodontic rejuvenation can give you straighter teeth and a beautiful new smile. Contact The Center for Innovative Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics for more information on our orthodontic treatments, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Roland.