Annapolis Dentist Employs Holistic Approach For Added Health Benefits
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Case Study

Smile Rejuvenation Yields Surprising Benefits

When a dentist takes into account the total health of a person as opposed to simply looking at the health of the mouth, oftentimes patients receive permanent relief from long-standing symptoms of serious problems such as body pain or difficulty breathing. Recently, we had a patient visit the Center for Innovative Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics because his tooth restorations were failing and he knew his bite was out of alignment. After using a holistic approach to his treatment, he not only regained proper occlusion, but reaped additional health benefits as well.

With his improved bite, his jaw was now in a more physiological comfortable position, allowing his airway to function properly. Once his breathing was optimized, his symptoms of sleep apnea and TMJ were relieved as well. In addition, his skin tone improved because he now receives more oxygen and his facial features became more balanced and lively because his whole body is now more relaxed. Before treatment, he had trouble falling asleep before late morning and he would often wake up gasping for air. With our holistic approach to mouth restorations, his overall quality of life has significantly improved.

Click here to visit our smile gallery, and to see Bill’s new look.

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