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Facial Growth and Development: Orthopedic and Orthodontic Treatment

While orthodontics is usually associated with treatment for the teeth and jaw, there are many physiological aspects of orthodontics that are often overlooked and can have a massive effect on proper mouth function and overall development. Posture, the muscles of the head and neck, the way an individual breathes, and even how the tongue rests inside the mouth can all influence a person’s delicate facial balance and oral health. Unlike conventional orthodontics—which often address the teeth and jaw in isolation—orthopedic and orthodontic treatment by cosmetic dentist Yasaman Roland, DDS examines the physiological relationship between the head and the rest of the body. This unique approach can completely optimize the growth and development of a patient’s facial muscles, encourage proper oral and breathing function, and organically guide muscle and bone growth in the way that nature intended. Dr. Roland’s innovative orthopedic techniques are holistic and non-invasive, allowing individuals to naturally achieve symmetrical facial proportions and enhance their overall well-being.

In children, encouraging proper facial development through comprehensive treatment is essential. As the facial growth process for a child is usually more than halfway complete by age eight, evaluating your child’s unique needs early on can prevent complications in both health and appearance in the long run. Caroline, a recent patient who was under our care for one year, was able to achieve a harmonious facial balance through completely non-invasive treatments. As you can see in our “before-and-after” photos, orthopedic techniques allowed her facial bones and muscles to organically rearrange themselves for a newly symmetrical facial structure. At age six, Caroline had a noticeable tilt in her head, which resulted from her body posture. In the “after” photo, taken at age twelve, this tilt is now effectively straightened, and Caroline’s eye level and chin have fallen into balance for improved facial proportions and posture. Amazingly, through this gentle therapy, Caroline no longer needs braces. These non-invasive, holistic techniques can guide proper growth and allow patients of all ages, especially children, to achieve long-term results.

Age 6 (Before)

Age 8

Age 12 (After)

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