Natural Sedation Relaxation Dentistry in Annapolis MD
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Natural Sedation with Relaxation Dentistry

dental-chairStressed about your next dental visit? For patients who find dental procedures to be anxiety-producing or uncomfortable, we employ an all-natural technology which remediates stress at the midbrain level. Unlike traditional sedation dentistry, there are no side effects, no risks, and no recuperative time. This system blocks the effects of adrenaline and sensory stimuli to interrupt the stress response. This fosters a natural state of relaxation, which can lead to a refreshing and rejuvenating dental experience. Our method of natural sedation is in keeping with our dedication to providing holistic dentistry treatments that align with healthy lifestyles.

Why Choose Natural Sedation?

For those patients who choose to minimize the amount of medication and chemicals that enter their body, our natural process offers a holistic relaxation alternative to traditional sedation dentistry methods. Using a variety of proven natural techniques, our experienced dentistYasaman Roland, DDS—can help you achieve and maintain a deep state of relaxation throughout your treatment. By providing the body with natural supplements that encourage a restful state of mind, eliminating distracting external stimuli, and applying gentle micro-current that induces relaxation within the brain, it can be possible for you to receive the dental work you need without stress or discomfort. Furthermore, instead of feeling drugged or sedated after your appointment, you can feel rested and ready to participate in your regular activities for the day.

What Can I Expect During Natural Sedation?

Before beginning our natural relaxation process, you will be fully informed about what to expect and how the process works so that you can be as comfortable as possible the day of your treatment. Dr. Roland is very skilled in applying natural sedation techniques and explains that, with her method, patients:

  • Are typically deeply relaxed throughout the appointment
  • Often report feeling heavy and very near sleep
  • Occasionally fall asleep for a short time
  • Are generally capable of responding to directions
  • Do not feel intoxicated or drugged at any point during the process

Interested in Learning More about Natural Sedation?

If you think you could benefit from the natural sedation process we offer at the Center for Innovative Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics, we encourage you to contact us today. During your appointment, Dr. Roland can evaluate your dental concerns, explain our holistic dentistry techniques, and develop an effective plan for achieving your dental goals without stress or anxiety.