Combatting Tongue Thrusting with Physiologic Orthodontic Treatment
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Tongue Thrusting Habits and Physiologic Orthodontic Treatment

shutterstock_205365574Did you know the tongue plays an integral role in the proper formation of our oral cavity, facial structure, and corresponding musculature? The strong forces exerted by the tongue muscle drive early facial development; however, when the tongue does not function properly, it can inhibit and improperly influence growth. One example of problematic tongue activity is tongue thrusting, which can apply excessive pressure against the teeth, causing misalignment. Specialized orthodontic appliances can easily realign teeth, correct the bite, and prevent the tongue from pressing against the teeth, but once the appliance is removed, there is a high likelihood that the maladaptive thrusting behavior will recur and push the teeth out of alignment again.

In order to deliver lasting results from orthodontic treatment in tongue thrusting patients, Dr. Yasaman Roland takes a holistic approach to treatment, which addresses the many anatomical and neuromuscular components involved in this condition. In addition to using an orthodontic appliance to physiologically rearrange the teeth and remodel oral structures, Dr. Roland uses specialized therapy techniques to retrain the tongue and create new muscle memory that leads to proper long-term tongue function. When these foundational adjustments are made, the oral structures and musculature can continue to develop properly as the child grows. Dr. Roland applies this comprehensive physiologic approach to all of her orthodontic patients, always seeking to achieve the greatest possible long-term benefit in every aspect of their overall treatment.

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