Oral Appliances for Mouth Breathing and Dentofacial Development
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Oral Appliances for the Treatment of Dentofacial Development Issues and Mouth Breathing

shutterstock_313197248Proper nasal breathing is more vital to your overall health than you may think. Breathing through the nose ensures proper oxygenation throughout the body and eliminates undue strain on the facial and dental structures that can cause sleep disturbances, jaw disorders and a host of other medical and dental issues.

Excessive or predominant mouth breathing has been linked to the following medical conditions:

Unfortunately, changing from mouth breathing to nasal breathing is not as simple as it may seem. For most mouth-breathing individuals, there is a root issue making nasal breathing difficult, and in some cases impossible. Fortunately, oral appliances fitted by a trained dentist combined with other corrective therapies can help restore proper alignment and positioning of the anatomy and allow for natural nasal breathing. Dr. Yasaman Roland has extensive experience with the correction of mouth breathing and her practice combines many of the holistic modalities necessary for comprehensive treatment and healing. Every treatment plan is unique and all therapies are selected and applied based on fundamental physiological principles. Whether it’s use of dental appliances, orthodontics, orthopedics, and/or other therapeutic methods, Dr. Roland customizes treatment plans based on the structural, functional and biochemical challenges displayed by her patients.

Dentofacial Development and Mouth Breathing

For children and pre-teens, mouth breathing can cause serious complications with the development of the jaw and facial structures. Predominant mouth breathing can greatly alter the appearance of the face, impairing proper form and function of the jaw and dentition, which can cause bite misalignment, facial imbalance, and other orthodontic issues. Utilizing a holistic approach which ultimately seeks to restore natural health and harmony to the whole body, Dr. Roland combines a variety of physiologic treatments and therapeutic techniques to resolve each patient’s unique challenges. Mouth breathing and dentofacial development complications can have a profound effect on the lives and health of children and adolescents, which is why it is so important to seek effective help as early as possible.

Holistic Approach to Treatment of Mouth Breathing-Related Health Complications

Dr. Roland employs a holistic approach in all of the treatment plans she develops. This type of treatment strategy addresses the full scope of any issue so that she can create an inclusive solution designed to provide comprehensive healing. For more information about impaired dentofacial development and the use of oral devices to treat complications related to mouth breathing, contact the Center for Innovative Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics.

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