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Dental Insurance Revealed

Dealing with dental insurance can be restrictive. Below are some thoughts on dental insurance and different options to help our patients and ensure they have optimal oral and overall health.

“Dental Insurance……It’s not really insurance at all” Insurance is defined as a third party taking the risk of a catastrophic loss to protect us against financial ruin. If you lost your home to fire, totaled your car or had major medical surgery that required hospitalization that would be catastrophic.
“Call it what it really is….a maintenance plan” It helps us keep our mouth in good health but if something bad should happen that requires an expensive fix, we are out of luck.
“Our reliance on this entitlement has compromised recommending necessary care for patients” I am not opposed to dental insurance as a concept or as it is applied. I will challenge its limitations, language and the dependence upon it that compromises our ability to do our best. Not everyone or every time, but more often than not, dental insurance clouds the treatment planning process and makes it more difficult for us to do our best for our patients.

When it is time to make a selection on who you want to give the responsibility of your mouth’s health to, consider a Health Savings Plan. We also offer 3rd party financing with options of no interest. These plans put the decisions of your health in your hands.

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