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Smile Rejuvenation

Smile rejuvenation from our cosmetic dentist, Yasaman Roland, DDS, is designed to optimize the appearance of your face and smile in such a way that allows the positive effects of treatment to be felt throughout the rest of your body. This gentle therapy can promote entire body wellness by coalescing the art of making you look better with the science of making you feel better. The non-invasive treatments utilized by our team are designed to address your unique concerns in a manner consistent with enriching your long-term well-being. This comprehensive approach can yield improvements in your cosmetic appearance while promoting your lifelong health and development.

No matter what your needs are, our cosmetic rejuvenation treatments and non-invasive approaches to neuromuscular dentistry can help restore your natural smile and facial balance back to its intended beauty.

How Do My Teeth Affect My Entire Body?

A poorly aligned jaw or improper bite can create a domino effect to your facial appearance—you may not even be aware that the aesthetic changes you experience are connected to your oral health. The misalignment of your upper and lower jaw can cause undue pressure on your teeth, making them gradually deteriorate. Your teeth may appear chipped or worn, or your bottom teeth may shift and become crooked. As a result, gum recession can occur. The lips can begin to change shape or lose volume, and wrinkles and creases can form or deepen.

These cosmetic alterations are often accompanied by a number of physical changes. The bones and muscles of the jaw joint have a very delicate relationship to each other, and an imbalanced bite often leads to migraines, increased muscle tension, and additional disruptions to muscle activity. The disproportionate force from biting problems can “pull” on your head, thereby “pulling” your entire posture so that you develop a slouch. The positioning of your shoulders and hips can follow suit and become asymmetrical, causing one shoulder or hip to be visibly higher than its counterpart.

Ultimately, these are developmental changes that can all stem from malocclusion, or irregularities in teeth alignment and bite. For this reason, treating a misaligned jaw can not only enhance the function of your teeth and mouth, but it can also encourage proper muscle growth to improve your appearance and diminish visible signs of aging.

Our cutting-edge and completely non-invasive approaches can reestablish a healthy balance between the upper and lower jaws, aligning their underlying structures to where they feel the most comfortable and organic. This can provide comprehensive facial rejuvenation that is achieved with regard to your total body health.

Cosmetic Renewal

Our team believes that cosmetic dental treatment should look natural and blend in seamlessly with surrounding teeth. Dental work that is easily noticeable may come in the form of mismatched or old crowns, disproportionate or incorrectly shaded veneers, or amalgam metal fillings. If you are seeking to renew your restorations for a more natural look or fit—or wish to upgrade your metal fillings to mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings—our practice provides cosmetic treatments to remedy issues presented by older dental appliances for a new smile that looks and feels refreshed.

Porcelain Veneers

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If your teeth are affected by gaps, chips, stains, or misalignments, porcelain veneers can transform their color, shape, and length for a smile that appears healthier and more youthful. Veneers can achieve a variety of cosmetic goals, such as straightening the look of misaligned teeth, closing in gaps and spaces, masking deep stains and discoloration, and restoring a fuller form to teeth that are short and worn. These beautiful, ultra-thin, and individually crafted veneers are custom-designed to optimize your smile according to your tooth-color, positioning of your teeth, and the natural proportions of your facial features. Our porcelain veneers are extremely natural-looking and can be applied using minimally invasive techniques, preserving as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. What’s more, porcelain material can be very long-lasting and stain-resistant. If you are interested in correcting minor aesthetic dental imperfections, you can achieve a revamped smile with porcelain veneers in approximately two office visits.

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Tooth Colored Fillings

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In our effort to provide the safest and most advanced dental materials, we offer patients tooth-colored dental fillings that can reinforce and support the tooth structure while blending in with your natural enamel. In the past, a metal amalgam material was used as the industry standard in dental fillings. Not only was this aesthetically displeasing, but it could also cause additional cracks in the tooth structure from the metal expanding and contracting with temperature fluctuations. Consequently, the bacteria that entered through these cracks often caused additional cavities. Our newer composite fillings are BPA- and mercury-free for a safer, more durable, and natural-looking solution to teeth affected by decay.


Teeth Whitening

For patients wishing to achieve a brighter and whiter smile, our practice offers professional-grade teeth whitening treatments designed to lighten teeth by up to eight shades. Typically, years of deep stains and discoloration penetrate below the tooth enamel, necessitating stronger whitening agents than those that are found over-the-counter or in stores. Our whitening procedures can be administered in-office to comprehensively break down stains caused by food, drink, and tobacco products. We also offer clinical-strength whitening options that can be used at home for the ultimate in patient convenience. For individuals who seek maximum-strength whitening, Dr. Roland recommends our powerful deep whitening system, which can lighten the darkest and most pronounced tooth discoloration. Patients generally experience little to no tooth sensitivity during treatment and can enjoy long-lasting results.

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Q3D CBCT 3D Imaging System

Cosmetic concerns, such as chips in the enamel, gaps between teeth, and tooth misalignments, can affect your bite and jaw function in a number of ways that you may not expect. Our practice utilizes the advanced Q3D CBCT 3D Imaging System in conjunction with treatment planning to better understand how different aesthetic imperfections may be impacting the joints, muscles, and soft tissues of your skeletal structure and influencing your physiological well-being. With the ability to provide high-resolution, three-dimensional panoramic x-rays of your face and jaw, this state-of-the-art technology helps Dr. Roland to take a “whole body” approach in determining the most effective treatment to achieve your dream smile while furthering your oral, as well as your overall, health. This sophisticated dental imaging system can allow our team to more accurately assess the nature of your concerns and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to provide beautiful results.

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For more information on our smile rejuvenation procedures, please contact The Center for Innovative Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics. Dr. Yasaman Roland can help you improve your teeth and gain a brighter, more beautiful smile!